Did you know that Norwegian Sølje jewellery is magical?

Did you know that Norwegian Sølje jewellery is magical?

Our new Antique of the Month is this very intriguing brooch. This style is called Solje, pronounced SOL-ya, and is a treasured heirloom jewel, meaning "shiny" or "sunny" in Norway.

This particular piece is made of silver and features three signature Solje jewellery elements: ‘tears,’ ‘mirrors,’ and ‘hearts.’

The ‘hearts’ reference the intricate silver wirework, expertly shaped into swirls, symbolising love and representing either the relationship between giver and receiver or self-love.

The ‘mirrors’ refer to the silver discs plated in 18ct yellow gold, making them stand out and adding dimension to the design. These ‘mirrors’ are said to repel and ward off negative energy as they reflect bright sunlight and positivity.

Finally, the ‘tears’ are the pear-shaped, yellow gold-toned drops suspended from the main design. These are said to protect by making noise to show strength against any negative parties. Historically, these were believed to scare away trolls, highlighting the significance of Solje jewellery in Norwegian culture and its reputation as a mystical possession with magical properties.

Solje is sacred in Norwegian households, strongly believed to protect, nurture, and provide good fortune to those who possess it. It is so highly regarded that it is commonly given as a gift through generations to celebrate life’s big milestones.

Many used to pin their Solje brooches to baby pillows or mobiles to watch over and guard their children as they slept.

Solje commonly became heirloom pieces as parents often passed their smaller brooches on to their children when they entered adulthood as a token of luck and prosperity.

Furthermore, families often gifted their larger, more ornate, and intricate pieces to their children on their wedding day to mark the occasion and celebrate love, with the idea that the heirloom piece would carry the happiness of previous generations.

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