Meet The Team

 The Owner & Founder 

Louise Canny has over 30 years of experience in the jewellery business. She has been passionate about jewellery since the age of 13 when she used to accompany her mother to antique fairs and auctions.
Recognising the gap in the market for silver jewellery in 1991, she set up a gypsy wagon, known as The Strawberry Duck Wagon, in the Kirkcaldy Mercat Shopping Centre. In 1996, she opened The Eloise Original Boutique, which is now an iconic shop known as Eloise Jewellery in the Centre of Kirkcaldy High Street today.

The Manager

Meet Colin, our energetic, enthusiastic and inspiring personality who is always ready to greet you with a smile! Colin joined us in 2022 and was the perfect fit for our manager. Colin's the handsome gentleman on the shop floor, always ready to help you find the jewellery of your dreams and he has a real flare for reviving our shop displays, keeping them sparkling for you lovely customers. 


Eloise Jewellery truly is a family business. From Louise starting with her mother to now working alongside her daughter, Poppy. Poppy has carried on the entrepreneurial tradition now running her own business too but loves to help her mum on her days off. She has a keen eye for visual merchandising and is excellent at helping you find that ideal gift for someone by narrowing down our wide range of stock to one perfect piece.


Caitlin joined us in the Autumn of 2020 just after the first lockdown. She's our social media coordinator and website manager, taking beautiful photos every week of our newest stock and posting these on our Instagram page @eloisejewellery. She has always had a passion for jewellery and loves unique, one-of-a-kind pieces, expressing her personality through her jewels. 


Debby has been with us for over 16 years and was the original Eloise Jewellery silversmith for most of that time. Debby now works the shop floor part time, and creates her own beautiful lines of silver jewellery in her own time. Her commitment over the years means she is a strong part of the Eloise team. 


Suzy joined us in 2019 for 1 day of the week but is still a strong member of the Eloise team. Having a keen eye for jewellery, Suzy's a great asset to any design process or repair. She works on the shop floor every Wednesday, completing multiple tasks to keep the shop looking beautiful!


Joining our team in the Autumn in 2019, Dawn works behind the scenes in our on-site jewellery workshop. She is our main jeweller, completing the majority of repairs to the highest standard. Her bubbly personality always puts a smile on our faces and she can make, re-size, repair and personalise the shop floor, or your own jewellery exactly to your needs & wants.


Hayley is the newest member of the Eloise Jewellery team. She is working behind the scenes in the workshop alongside Dawn giving a helping hand with all manner of repairs. You can't miss our Hayley, she's always wearing something colourful and has an impressive collection of bright and bold earrings. Hayley is working on refurbishing our vintage gold so we have a fully stocked cabinet and she makes a great job of Rhodium Plating your white gold rings.