Bespoke Commission Work

At Eloise Jewellery we are well-equipped to offer bespoke jewellery designs at great prices. We have an onsite workshop which gives us endless possibilities in crafting unique jewellery. All members of staff are trained in gold and silversmithing techniques and can offer you expert advice at the front desk any time you pop in. Read about our specialist jewellery design and make service below.
Our artisan craftsmen will create one-off, bespoke pieces of jewellery using traditional silver & goldsmithing techniques in our fully-equipped jewellery workshop which is on-site here at Eloise. From smelting down gold (yes, that is the technical term) to intricate stone setting it all goes on behind the scenes here in Kirkcaldy. When a piece of jewellery is hand-crafted, especially for you, you receive a substantial, unique piece of art that will last for generations to come and make the perfect heirloom.
Coming up with your dream piece of jewellery can seem like a daunting task, at Eloise we can help you narrow down your options and give you professional advice on what will work best for your individual preferences. Whether you’re looking to have a cutting-edge, contemporary piece of design work created, or prefer a traditional timeless classic, our knowledgeable staff will be able to cater to your needs. It’s always a good idea to do a bit of research before you come in and bring any inspiration with you, however, if you don’t know where to start we can guide you in the right direction. You don’t need an appointment, just pop in anytime for a consultation.

Here's what we can do...

One of our lovely customers, Maureen, came to us with these stones that were incredibly sentimental to her. These raw, uncut, gemstones were tested for Sapphire and we had them cut and polished down at Hatton Garden in London. Once finished both stones were of a deep blue and teal hue, meaning they were Sapphires of great quality.
Our business owner Louise sat down with Maureen and helped to dream up a magnificent design and with the design set in stone, we began to supply the gold and complimentary Diamonds. 
With all the materials in place. our goldsmith Scott was able to work his magic and craft an exemplary design. The finished rings are a shape-to-fit set, with an organic, bohemian look and with bright gemstones of the finest quality set into Yellow Gold. 
If you would like to have a piece of jewellery commissioned by one of our extremely talented jewellers, please fill out the form below with your details and a brief description of what you would like to have made. We'll be sure to get back to you within 48 hours.

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