The Timeline and Creation of Eloise Jewellery

The Timeline and Creation of Eloise Jewellery

Welcome to our first ever blog post on Eloise Jewellery! We thought the only way to begin would be to explain the entire timeline and creation of our amazing brand...

Accompanying her mother, Ella, at national antique fairs, our boss lady Louise developed a love and obsession with second hand and antique items. Drawn to the intricate beauty, she loved the concept of every piece having its own memories and stories.

So, that's when the magic happened...  

In her hometown of Kirkcaldy, Louise had a small wagon in the local shopping centre which she named the 'Strawberry Duck Wagon'. A truly iconic display! Here she sold a huge array of bohemian, chunky jewellery... all kinds of gemstones and styles, something that was entirely unique and unusual during the 90s! So many people became fond of Louise, and her business, and became regular customers (some still visit us today!) With the success of the Strawberry Duck Wagon, Louise was able to catapult the business even further. Remaining inspired by her mother's love for preloved items, Louise opened 'Eloise Original' in 1996 on her own street in Kirkcaldy. This was soon followed by a secondary shop on the same street named ‘Eloise Ultimate’.


 Louise's 'Eloise Original' store on Hunter Street, Kirkcaldy

The name 'Eloise' is a beautiful combination of both Louise and Ella, as a small nod to Louise's beautiful and inspirational mother. 

 Louise with her mum and inspiration, Ella

The ‘Eloise’ business grew from strength to strength, stocking a wide collection of jewellery and giftware. Louise hired a team of amazing front shop assistants and a workshop silversmith, Debby, who is still with us today. Louise continued to expand the business, eventually securing our beautiful Kirkcaldy High Street boutique and workshop in November 2016.


Since then, we have been aware with 5 different Scottish business awards;

Best Gift Shop at the Fife Business Awards 2017

Best Craft or Creative Business at the Fife Business Awards 2018

Grand Finalists at the Scotland Business Awards 2018

 Best Gift Shop at the Fife Business Awards 2020


 Emma, Louise and Poppy at the Fife Business Awards in 2020

 We have grown in business and now stock over 20 jewellery collections- as well as creating our own jewellery pieces in our own onsite workshop. Repairs and re-modelling jobs are completed here, as well as custom pieces from scratch, such as intricate wedding designs. We always say, 'if you can think it, we can make it!

Each of us absolutely love working at Eloise Jewellery- we are super grateful to work alongside each other, continuously encouraging and inspiring one another. You'll always get a good natter with us so don't be frightened to pop by if you're visiting Kirkcaldy! 
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