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Antique Victorian Ladies Portrait Cameo Brooch

Antique Victorian Ladies Portrait Cameo Brooch

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This antique Edwardian cameo features the portrait of a slender woman wearing a string of pearls, with a floral arrangement on her sleeve, and her hair pinned up in corkscrew curls. All of these exquisite details are beautifully captured through expert carving. To finish, the shell cameo has been set into a silver gilt mil-grain detailed bezel setting.

Cameo jewellery is a timeless art form with roots in ancient times, featuring delicately carved gemstone or shell pieces portraying profiles or scenes. These exquisite adornments are set into various accessories like rings and brooches, cherished for their beauty and historical significance.


Hallmark - Unmarked Silver Gilt

Dimensions - 4 x 3.5cm (Approx)

Attached bail for pendant conversion.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch, we have an onsite jewellery workshop with experienced jewellers on hand to cater to your needs, the possibilities are endless!

All jewellery has been steamed and sterilised in our in-store workshop after photographing.

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